Join NCDD and NAFCM for a Networking Event Nov 2nd!

NCDD is excited to partner with the National Association for Community Mediation to offer a joint networking event for our members!

Join us Tuesday, November 2nd at 7:00pm Eastern/4:00pm Pacific for an informal networking and conversation space. NCDD’s Executive Director Courtney Breese will lead participants through some speed networking, and then participants will propose conversations they would like to have. The session is scheduled for 90 minutes.

Join us to mix and mingle, propose topics of interest and meet with similarly interested people from the dialogue, deliberation and conflict resolution spaces. In addition to your fellow NCDDers, participants will have the opportunity to get to know people working in community mediation across the country. Community mediation centers across the country work on conflict resolution and prevention, and have been doing more to address violence, division, and hate in their communities! This is an exciting opportunity to share your work and explore what might be possible when D&D and CR people put their heads together and collaborate. Register to join us today!


The National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM) supports peacemakers by being the hub for advancing the work of community mediation, aggregating the wisdom of community mediation and amplifying the voice of community mediators. NAFCM’s purpose, as a membership association of peacemakers who employ the practices and values of community mediation, is to help these peacemakers to create safe spaces for the transformation of conflict to opportunities for engagement, resolution and partnership through the work and will of the participants and those impacted. Learn more at

About NCDD

The National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) is a network of innovators who bring people together across divides to discuss, decide, and take action together effectively on today’s toughest issues.  NCDD serves as a gathering place, a resource center, a news source, and a facilitative leader for this vital community of practice. Learn more at

Announcing the Summer Learning Springboard, July 26-30!

NCDD is excited to announce the lineup of events for the first-ever Summer Learning Springboard event, July 26-30, 2021!

The Springboard is a week-long series of  virtual skill-building, learning exchange, and networking events. Spend some time this summer improving and exploring your dialogue and deliberation practice with your peers in a variety of sessions!

Registration for the SLS is just $10 for NCDD Members and $20 for non-members, and includes access to all included sessions and networking spaces. Other workshops are offered with a separate registration fee. Discounted rates are available to NCDD Members! Not a member? Consider joining NCDD today to take advantage of these great deals.

Review the agenda below, and register today to join us!

For the full agenda with presenter information and registration fees, go to


12:00 – 1:00 PM Eastern/9:00 – 10:00 AM Pacific

Welcome to the Summer Learning Springboard

Join NCDD for the Springboard opening session! We will provide a brief orientation to the Springboard and the QiqoChat platform which will serve as the home base for all events and networking. Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in a brief networking round.

2:00 – 3:30 PM Eastern/11:00 – 12:30 PM Pacific

Deliberative Practices that Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In this workshop, we will examine how practices of framing public issues, convening, and facilitating can lead to more diverse, equitable, inclusive discussions in communities and on campuses. Join us to explore a wide range of resources that support these efforts and to learn from work that is taking place throughout the country.

4:00 – 6:00 PM Eastern/1:00 – 3:00 PM Pacific

Compassionate Listening During Politically Polarizing Times: How to Engage with Your Heart Open and Wisdom Intact

The practice of Compassionate Listening supports staying in connection by listening deeply and speaking from our hearts, even when the situation is intense. The work begins from the inside out: cultivating compassion for ourselves as well as the other, connecting to our hearts, staying grounded, resisting hooks, acting from an intention of cultivating connection and mutual understanding based on seeking shared values. This session will be very interactive, using real life examples from our current political sphere, to practice conversations that increase the chances of vibrant, open, honest engagement. The presenters will spend time sharing what they have learned and apply it to how NCDD participants can support our community of practitioners during this polarized time.

4:00 – 6:00 PM Eastern/1:00 – 3:00 PM Pacific

Do I Even Want to be Considered Neutral?
Engaging the Inherent Tensions between Impartiality, Democracy, Expertise, and Social Justice

Dialogue and deliberation practitioners – as well as librarians, journalists, public administrators, educators, and others–  to varying degrees must often be perceived by key audiences as either neutral, impartial, objective, apolitical, or non-partisan to be able to fulfill their community obligations and maintain broad public support. Neutrality, however, is a complex concept that seems particularly undertheorized and is unfortunately susceptible to attacks that undermine the quality of our discussions about the issue. At the same time, practitioners often have strong commitments to supporting democratic principles on one hand, and defending facts and truth against misinformation and manipulation on the other. This session will explore the natural connections and tensions between these three commitments, as well as whether the growing focus on social justice, equity, and/or anti-racism represent partisan obligations that reject calls for neutrality or potentially can connect to broader notions of neutrality or democracy.


12:00 – 2:00 PM Eastern/9:00 – 11:00 AM Pacific

Online Open Space and Conversation Café with QiqoChat

This is a hands-on session where you will get a chance to build and customize simple online breakout spaces to enhance any dialogue sessions that you are already conducting on Zoom. Qiqo is a platform for connecting Zoom to the tools that facilitators love such as Google docs, Miro, Mentimeter, and Slido. You will learn how to design spaces that support Open Space, Conversation Café, and Liberating Structures.

1:00 – 3:00 PM Eastern/10:00 – 12:00 PM Pacific 

Ripple Effects Mapping: Capturing the Stories of Impact in Community Engagement Programs (part 1)

Every community engagement program has impacts, but they can be difficult to identify and substantiate—especially when program implementation is multifaceted and evolving. These effects usually play out over the course of months or years, and by the time a real evaluation makes sense, it’s hard to connect new knowledge, changed behaviors and the host of direct and indirect impacts that your program may have fostered. Learn to use Ripple Effects Mapping, which blends appreciative inquiry and mind mapping, to measure a broad range of program impacts, even years after initial activities have taken place.

3:00 – 6:00 PM Eastern/12:00 – 3:00 PM Pacific

Reframing Democracy through the Wicked Problems Lens

This workshop is focused on elevating our local conversations about shared problems by building local capacity to engage issues more collaboratively and productively through the use of deliberative engagement processes. Deliberative engagement involves interactive, often facilitated, small group discussions utilizing materials and processes designed to spark collaborative learning rather than merely the collection of individual opinions. An opening session will examine the concept of “wicked problems” as a framework to reframe difficult issues and review recent research on social psychology to help explain why traditional engagement processes are often counterproductive to sparking the high quality communication democracy requires. The workshop will then review the key components to deliberative engagement and explore a variety of in person and online tools and techniques drawn from several dialogue and deliberation traditions.



12:00 – 3:00 PM Eastern/9:00 – 12:00 PM Pacific

Being in the Here and Now: Learning from the Process while In Process

This session will introduce participants to strategies associated with interpersonal process therapy for use in non-therapeutic contexts. Interpersonal process brings the topic of conversation to the dynamics of those interacting, their strengths and areas for growth regarding their social and communication skills. Examples of non-therapeutic contexts will include intergroup dialogues and conflict situations. Participants will learn about, observe the use of, practice, and receive feedback on the strategies.

1:00 – 4:00 PM Eastern/10:00 AM – 1:00 PM Pacific

Facilitate Interactive Online Meetings

Participants will learn how to effectively use Zoom and other virtual meeting platforms for engaging, inclusive online meetings, workshops, teaching, and other group work. The training will introduce participants to a range of tools and exercises for participant engagement that can be used via in-person or video conference meetings. Participants will also have a chance to explore strategies for addressing challenges with online and in-person meetings.

4:30 – 6:00 PM Eastern/1:30 – 3:00 PM Pacific


Join NCDD for an informal networking event. Mix and mingle with fellow attendees in a variety of breakout sessions.


11:00 – 3:00 PM Eastern/8:00 – 12:00 PM Pacific

Bohm Dialogue and Proprioception of Thought

David Bohm proposed that it is our lack of proprioception of thought that sits at the root of our global problems –  climate change, systemic racial and economic inequity, food insecurity, a response to the pandemic, and more. This session is an experiential introduction to proprioception of thought, which distinguishes Bohm Dialogue from other forms of conversation and lies at the core of learning to think differently together towards profound systemic change. We will explore skills that support groups in developing collective proprioception of thought engaging with specific examples and activities to deepen our own understanding of Bohm Dialogue.

1:00 – 3:00 PM Eastern/10:00 – 12:00 PM Pacific 

Ripple Effects Mapping: Capturing the Stories of Impact in Community Engagement Programs (part 2)

Learn to use Ripple Effects Mapping, which blends appreciative inquiry and mind mapping, to measure a broad range of program impacts, even years after initial activities have taken place. Session two will give participants the tools they need to set up and facilitate their own virtual or in-person Ripple Effects Mapping process as well as tips for how to manage, use and present resulting information.

3:00 – 5:00 PM Eastern/12:00 – 2:00 PM Pacific

Introducing the IF Collaborative Discussion Toolkit 

In this session, we will offer a preview of our open source Collaborative Discussion Toolkit (it is not yet public). This toolkit has been created in collaboration with educators and community practitioners. It contains 50+ learning activities, intentionally designed to develop or enhance collaborative discussion skills and habits. These skills are categorized in easy to search modules: creative, critical, culturally responsive, and civic collaboration. The toolkit also contains introductory and practice modules. The learning activities can be adapted to be incorporated into classrooms, communities, or workplaces. Participants will be invited to review the toolkit in advance and during this session we will dive into 2-3 learning activities to experience the learning structure of these activities. Participants will be invited to learn more (after the session) about how to become a Collaborative Discussion Coach and offer certificates in collaborative discussion.


12:00 – 2:00 PM Eastern/9:00 – 11:00 AM Pacific 

Multi-Process Synergies for Better Collective Outcomes

We will explore past, present and envisioned initiatives which feature different engagement processes incorporated into a whole program, with special attention on the nature of any synergy (or lack of it) between the processes used.  Synergy enables the parts of a whole to be more effective than those parts can be separately.  So learning more together about this subject will enable us to design future multi-process programs for their increased capacity to generate collective sense making and community intelligence.  I’ll introduce the topic with a simple example from my own life – the use of World Cafe before lunch to stir up energy and ideas for exploration in an Open Space after lunch – and then we’ll delve into the experiences and ideas of those who attend the session.  If needed, more – and more complex – examples will be available.

2:30 – 4:00 PM Eastern/11:30 – 1:00 PM Pacific

Closing Session: What’s Next?

Join NCDD for a closing session of the Summer Learning Springboard. We’ll talk together about where we can go from here, both individually and as a community of practice. Join us to discuss with one another what you will do and think together about what’s next for us all in NCDD!

Session Applications are Now Open for NCDD’s Summer Learning Springboard!

NCDD is excited to announce the launch of session applications for our upcoming Summer Learning Springboard!

The Summer Learning Springboard is a virtual convening from the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD). This convening will consist of a variety of skill building sessions and learning exchanges over the course of approximately one week in late July (exact dates TBD). Participants will register to attend specific sessions, with a variety of free and fee-based events.

Members of the NCDD community are invited to submit a proposal to lead a session. The application deadline is 11:59 PM on Friday, May 14th. The proposal form can be accessed at this link!

NCDD will review the proposals and make a selection based on the criteria we have set forth for this event:

  • The goals of the session align with NCDD’s goals for the exchange of skill building and learning exchanges.
  • The session is interactive and provides clear takeaways/outcomes for participants.
  • This session addresses a timely issue, topic, skill, or best practice.
  • The session has a clear target audience and has ties to the NCDD community (dialogue, deliberation, and public engagement).

If you have any questions about this application, please contact Courtney Breese at courtney [at]

We look forward to reviewing your applications and announcing the final lineup soon!

Civvy’s Celebrate Best in Civic Collaboration April 19th!

Don’t miss out on the chance to celebrate the 4th American Civic Collaborations Award Ceremony! Since it’s very beginning, the Civvys have highlighted outstanding efforts of civic collaboration impacts in national, local and youth communities. The Civvys are the only national awards program dedicated to exalt projects that emphasize working together across divides to strengthen communities and empower citizens, this year with an added focus on building a more diverse and equitable America.

This year, NCDD is proud to be a partner in national award finalist, the With the People Initiative, coordinated by the National Issues Forums Institute. We’re excited this effort is being recognized and look forward to celebrating it an all the finalists at the ceremony!

The event is free, open to the public and will be streamed on Monday April 19th  from 7:00- 8:00 ET.


To view the list of all impressive finalists read below or find the original invitation here.

Attend the 4th Annual Civvys Awards Ceremony

Monday, April 19th, 2021 at 7:00 – 8:00pm ET

You are cordially invited to attend the virtual awards ceremony for the 4th annual American Civic Collaboration Awards, or “Civvys,” highlighting exemplary efforts that worked to repair and improve our nation in 2020.

More than ever, in a moment when democracy and community – the fabric of our nation – are stretching at the seams, we look to initiatives like these to work across divides and lead the way in building a stronger, fairer America.

From a record number of inspiring nominees, a substantial set of honorable mentions paving the path forward, and a set of best-in-class finalists, this year’s Civvys winners represent the most collaborative, highest impact and most scalable initiatives from 2020.

Join the livestreamed award ceremony on Monday, April 19th at 7pm ET, 6pm CT or 4pm PT, to learn about their work, congratulate all of our finalists and winners, and hear from the Civvys Review Committee on these inspiring case studies of democracy in action.

This event is virtual. Attendance is free and open to the public.


Meet The Civvys Finalists
Please join us in congratulating all finalists and honorable mentions!

National Category
The Civic Responsibility Project
Hidden Common Ground Initiative and Strange Bedfellows Series from Public Agenda and USA Today with The National Issues Forums Network and the America Amplified Public Media Consortium
Issue Voter and Maria Yuan
Millenial Action Project
With the People, coordinated by National Issues Forums Institute

Local Category
Akron Civic Commons (Akron, OH)
Interfaith Council of Metro DC (Washington, DC)
Pandemic Voting Project, organized by NAACP (Missouri State Conference) and Show Me Integrity (Missouri)
SA2020 (San Antonio, TX)
STL Approves (St. Louis, MO)
Tarrant County College Civic Engagement District Work Team (Fort Worth, TX)
Youth Category
The Conversationalist’s “Our 2020 Vision” campaign
Green Our Planet
Student PIRGS New Voters project, including specifically nominated Eckerd College, California Student Vote and NAACP Youth and College Division initiatives
See All Finalists and Honorable Mentions

About The Civvys
The Civvys are the only national awards program dedicated to celebrating projects that emphasize working together across divides to strengthen communities and empower citizens, this year with an added focus on building a more diverse and equitable America.

Find the original version of this post on the American Civic Collaborations Awards’ site at:

A Message from NCDD Board Chair Martín Carcasson

For the past seven years, I have had the honor of serving on the Board of Directors of the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation, the last four as the chair. My term is officially over at the end of the year. NCDD serves as an umbrella organization for academics, practitioners, artists, and volunteers committed to improving how we all talk to each other and address our shared problems. They are a network of networks, a bridging organization dedicated to helping individuals, organizations, and communities build capacity for quality democratic engagement.

I still vividly remember my first NCDD conference in San Francisco in 2006. I remember because it was the first time I ever got that wonderful, overwhelming feeling of finding my people. I was passionate about community, democracy, and improving the world, but the world of politics was incredibly frustrating to me, and seemed mostly counterproductive. I had strong views about how things needed to change, but politics did not seem to be a useful route. People seemed to just talk past each other, assume horrible motives for those that disagreed, and while they sometimes won elections and sometimes lost, not much seemed to really change about the issues I cared about. It was a game people loved playing that to me seemed at best a distraction and at worst something that undermined everything democracy requires to function well (trust, mutual respect, the ability to have tough conversations, etc.).

NCDD was a whole other world. People that shared my passions for community and democracy, but recognized that what we were doing wasn’t working. They realized we needed to work together, to bridge differences, and get past simple narratives, but also knew that was not going to be easy. We needed a lot of new ideas, tools, and organizations. They also recognized that we didn’t just need a simple “both sides” or an abstract balance, but deeper explorations of what it would mean to work together across perspectives.

I greatly looked forward to NCDD’s conferences every other year, to learn new tools, meet new people, and engage deeper with others that shared my concerns. I started doing everything I could to get more of my students to attend, and with a lot of help from a lot of people, managed to take groups of 10-25 to conferences in Seattle, Washington DC, and Boston. In 2014, I accepted the call to join the board of directors of NCDD, and in 2016, became the board chair.

I’ll be honest, it has been tougher than I thought. NCDD does incredible work on a very tight and tiny budget. The board is all volunteer, and we survive with essentially three part time employees (sometimes just 2). We spend too much time thinking about money and not enough time thinking about the actual work. It is difficult to fund organizations like NCDD that serve more as a connector and a resource to other individuals and organizations rather than as a direct service provider. We literally spend billions on election campaigns, but struggle to raise hundreds for an organization truly dedicated to make democracy work.

As I exit my role — but still plan to be heavily involved with NCDD moving forward, I very much plan to serve again once I retire from my day job so I can really focus on elevating the organization — I ask you all to consider a NCDD membership (either for yourself or as a gift to a friend you think may be interested in what I’ve described) or consider NCDD in your end of year giving. I know you have a lot of options, and with the pandemic, an incredible amount of immediate needs. NCDD is much more of a long term investment. I truly believe the most pressing issue we have in our communities is the inability to talk with each other and work together on our shared problems. I think it will be difficult to move forward on any issue unless we first make some progress on that. In many ways, the pandemic has shown us that even a global crisis caused more polarization and distrust, rather than sparking the collaborative efforts that we know we are capable of as humans. Even a $10 or $20 donation can make a big difference to NCDD having the resources to help communities across the country build capacity for the kind of engagement democracies need to thrive.
More information about membership is here (, gifting memberships here (, and donations here (

Lastly, as I leave the board, I want to thank all the exceptional people I have had the pleasure to work with these past seven years (too many to mention), and I am particularly excited about the incoming chair, Lori Britt, and the strength of the board moving forward. I’ve known Professor Britt since her Ph.D. days at CU-Boulder, when she assisted with CPD events, and have been incredibly impressed with what she has built up at James Madison University. NCDD is in wonderful hands with her, the board, and Courtney Breese’s exceptional leadership as our executive director (who very very much deserves a higher salary and full time job!). We aren’t quite sure when we will all be able to gather together again — and may end up with more of a virtual conference this year — but I do know I can’t wait to gather with my people once again.

Martín Carcasson, Ph.D., is a professor in the Communication Studies department of Colorado State University, and the founder and director of the CSU Center for Public Deliberation (CPD, We thank him for his service to the NCDD network and all he does to help advance efforts for dialogue and deliberation in communities and higher education!

All Are Welcome at NCDD

First of all, thank you to everyone in this community for sticking with the work in a tough year.

NCDD’s staff and board have been talking a lot over the last nine months of the pandemic about what this year has shown us about this network’s necessity in the world, and where we can most support you all. It’s been encouraging to see that much of what we’ve always offered – news and resources, and opportunities to connect and collaborate – are still highly valued and needed, especially when times are tough.

There are also some areas we can work on – expanding our network, for one, in an inclusive way to welcome everyone who is committed to helping their communities have better conversations. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional doing this work as your career, or a volunteer doing this to better your own community – all are welcome at NCDD.

And, there are some real opportunities for NCDD’s community of practice to embrace. The opportunity to look at how privilege shows up in our work and to address it, and to increase community access to dialogue and deliberation opportunities. This year has brought both of these opportunities to the forefront and it’s time to address them. There is plenty more for us to work towards together, and to discuss this and more, we will be announcing a call for early January. More on that soon.

But today, I’m reaching out to let you know that NCDD is launching an effort to boost our membership as we continue our end of year fundraising. This starts today with new options for membership and opportunities to invite others in.

First, NCDD has decided to make a few adjustments to our membership levels. For individuals, we have added a “pay-what-you-can” option to the membership form. This allows us to remove the primary barrier to membership and welcome everyone in.

For our organizational members, we’ve expanded our membership levels to better reflect the reality of many of our small organizations working on a limited budget. Those with budgets under $150,000 a year now have lower priced options.

Finally, we’ve launched a gift-a-membership option! That means two things: First, that members of our community have the option to invite others in with a gift of a year’s membership. And second, that you can gift a membership to those who need a subsidized member rate. These gifts are offered at a special reduced rate!

As 2020 comes to a close, we hope you will renew your commitment to the work by renewing or gifting a membership today! As always, membership and donations are tax-deductible!

Thank you for all you do to keep this community of practice vibrant. Here’s to getting through 2020, and to the work ahead in 2021!

Free NCDD Online Engagement Showcase Tomorrow – 9/29!

Did you know?! NCDD is hosting our first ever Online Engagement Showcase and it’s happening tomorrow! We’ve teamed up with the wonderful Center for Public Deliberation at Colorado State University to host this exciting free event happening on Tuesday, September 29th from 1:00-3:00 PM Eastern/10:00 AM-12:00 PM Pacific on Zoom and QiqoChat. RSVP at this link in order to save your spot!

The Online Engagement Showcase will feature synchronous tools and platforms that can help you with your virtual engagement. In this uniquely formatted event, you will have the opportunity to learn about numerous platforms in a booth format in QiqoChat, where participants can learn more about each tool they choose to. Presenters will be available in private zoom rooms for participants to engage with, ask questions, and learn more!

Some of the presenters will include:

  • Axis Workshops
  • Common Ground for Action
  • Ethelo
  • GroupMap
  • QiqoChat
  • And more!

Join us for this first event in what we hope will be a recurring series featuring these and other platforms and tools in the future! To register go to – this will take you directly to QiqoChat.

Our event flyer is linked here – please use this to spread the word with your networks: Showcase-Announcement!

NCDD is extremely grateful for the partnership of the Center for Public Deliberation on this event. We’ve been working on a resource to share of the different tools and platforms out there as well – stay tuned!

Join Us for the Online Engagement Showcase!

NCDD is excited to partner with the Center for Public Deliberation at Colorado State University to host our first Online Engagement Showcase! This free event takes place September 29th from 1:00-3:00 PM Eastern/10:00 AM-12:00 PM Pacific on Zoom and QiqoChat. RSVP at this link in order to save your spot!

The Online Engagement Showcase will feature synchronous tools and platforms that can help you with your virtual engagement. In this uniquely formatted event, you will have the opportunity to learn about numerous platforms in a booth format in QiqoChat, where participants can learn more about each tool they choose to. Presenters will be available in private zoom rooms for participants to engage with, ask questions, and learn more!

Some of the presenters will include:

  • Axis Workshops
  • Common Ground for Action
  • Ethelo
  • GroupMap
  • QiqoChat
  • And more!

Join us for this first event in what we hope will be a recurring series featuring these and other platforms and tools in the future! To register go to – this will take you directly to QiqoChat.

Our event flyer is linked here – please use this to spread the word with your networks: Showcase-Announcement!

NCDD is extremely grateful for the partnership of the Center for Public Deliberation on this event. We’ve been working on a resource to share of the different tools and platforms out there as well – stay tuned!

Watch our Confab on D&D Pedagogy in an Uncertain Fall

Last week NCDD hosted our special July Confab Call for our Higher Education folks.  On the call, 30 participants engaged around how they are planning to teach dialogue and deliberation pedagogy this coming fall, and what resources or tools they could use to assist them. Thanks again to all who participated, and to those who captured notes from the breakouts!

During this event three topics were discussed by participants as they explored their plans for fall. The notes from these breakout groups have been captured in the Google Doc accessible here. This is the start of a gathering of resources for folks in Higher Ed which NCDD will pull together over the coming weeks and months. If you have a resource you would like to share so others know about it, or if you are interested in offering your expertise in a brief video, as a guest speaker, etc. please fill out this brief survey so we can get you in touch with those interested!

In addition to the notes, the event recording includes brief report-outs from each of these groups on their discussions. Check out the recording here.

Many thanks to Lori Britt for helping organize this event, and to all who participated! NCDD is pulling together resources to share more broadly, so if you know of something that could benefit the Higher Ed community, let us know below or in the survey linked above! We’ll follow up once this resource page is up and running.

Confab bubble imageTo learn more about NCDD’s Confab Calls and hear recordings of others, visit We love holding these events and we want to continue to elevate the work of our field with Confab Calls and Tech Tuesdays. It is through your generous contributions to NCDD that we can keep doing this work! That’s why we want to encourage you to support NCDD by making a donation or becoming an NCDD member today (you can also renew your membership by clicking here). Thank you!

Join us TODAY for our Special Confab Call on Planning D&D Pedagogy in an Uncertain Fall!

In just a few hours, NCDD is excited to host a special Confab Call on Planning D&D Pedagogy in an Uncertain Fall: Using this as a time to collaborate, discover, and create shared resources!  

Register ASAP for this free event happening TODAY from 1:00-3:00 PM Eastern/10:00 AM-12:00 PM Pacific. All who are working with students using dialogue & deliberation are welcome to join. We encourage participants to complete this survey so that we can better tailor the session to respond to your needs!

The upcoming fall semester is full of uncertainties. Even if there will be in-person instruction, it seems for many in Higher Education that online components will be a significant part of courses. For those who teach dialogue and deliberation to students, this presents some challenges. How can we do this work with students smoothly in a hybrid or fully online format?

The special NCDD Confab Call is intended to help Higher Ed folks – faculty and student affairs staff working with dialogue & deliberation pedagogy – share and explore together resources for transitioning to a predominantly online format in the fall (and perhaps beyond). On the call, participants will share resources they have been using, as well as talk about what the kinds of resources are needed to assist in this new format. NCDD hopes to utilize this event to help boost collaborative efforts and identify many resources, tools, and approaches that can be cataloged as a resource for everyone going forward.

If you have developed lessons, or tools, or have experience with student dialogues in an online format, join us and share! If you are still figuring out what you will do, bring your questions and needs to the discussion! This Confab is all about working together to make everyone’s work easier, as well as to help show just how connected and vibrant this field is and reinvigorate D&D studies in Higher Ed. We’ll share and explore perhaps what still needs creating for the fall and beyond.

Unable to join us? Fill out the brief survey we have created so we can learn more about your needs and offerings.

Don’t miss this collaborative event – register today!

About NCDD’s Confab Calls

Confab bubble imageNCDD’s Confab Calls are opportunities for members (and potential members) of NCDD to talk with and hear from innovators in our field about the work they’re doing and to connect with fellow members around shared interests. Membership in NCDD is encouraged but not required for participation. Confabs are free and open to all. Register today if you’d like to join us!