“A Peoples Democracy”: The Citizens Energy Manifesto, Ghana 2016

In July of 2016 the African Center for Energy Policy (ACEP) Ghana launched a campaign and series of regional forums to promote government accountability, democratize energy sector governance, and collate data to publish a Citizens Energy Manifesto that would inform political party platforms in advance of the December 2016 national elections.

Facebook, Mamfakinch, and the February 20 Movement in Morocco

This case documents the use of the Facebook group “Mouvement du 20 Février - Maroc - حركة 20 فبراير” and the citizen-led online open access Mamfakinch by Moroccan activists to express grievances, discuss, share uncensored information and to organize a broad based movement within Morocco coordinated around February 20th 2011.

“We were desperate!”: The Ghanaian Women’s Manifesto Movement, 2004

This case documents how Ghanaian women were able to build consensus and draft the Women's Manifesto for Ghana through deliberative assembly meetings. The Manifesto offers analysis, prescriptive demands and establishes a Women’s Manifesto Coalition, to ensure that the human rights of women are upheld.

Tradition, Coalition Building, and Biological Community Protocols in Land Conflict Disputes: The Case of Tanchara, Ghana

This case examines how the Tanchara community of Lawra in partnership with an NGO used consensus building assemblies grounded in local structures and knowledge(s) of the Upper-West region, to successfully create an inclusive coalition of support, empower women, establish Biological Community Protocols, and lobby against a government approved mining scheme.

Indigenous Management System (IMS) – Insights from the Ethiopian Qero Management System

An “indigenous management system” (IMS) is a collaborative and participatory form of environmental sustainability and conservation practice led by local indigenous groups and informed by local indigenous knowledge, customs, seasonal cycles, membership, and community deliberation. It involves the creation of an inclusive indigenous regulatory framework for environmental and food governance.