Occupy Vancouver’s Spokes Council

Occupy Vancouver has developed an adaptation of the Spokes Council model. The Spokes Council model is a structure for democratic process that has been used for many years. It has been employed by many organizations and struggles including the Zapatistas, Chaipas, the Women’s Movement, Anti-Nuclear Movement, and Global Justice Movement...

Researching and Writing Participedia Cases: The Australian Experience PART 1

This is the first installment of our two-part blog series by Participedia Research Associate Lucy Parry. Lucy worked with Participedia from March 2016 to September 2017 as a research assistant employed at the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance at the University of Canberra. Since then she has worked on various aspects of the project formally and informally.

Town Hall

Method: Town Hall

Definition A Town Hall is a meeting where members of a community come to discuss relevant issues and concerns, with a public official, government representative or decision-maker of some sort [1] . Participants are able to ask questions of officials, and officials have the opportunity to learn about the community’s...

Expert Advisory Panel

Definition An expert advisory panel is a group of appointed experts selected to provide advice on a specific issue, particularly issues requiring technical knowledge and expertise such as scientific issues [1] . The members of the panel should be independent from government or decision-makers, and their advice is provided as...

Twitter Chat

Method: Twitter Chat

A Twitter chat is a online conversation held on Twitter, focusing on a topic and linked together through the use of a specific hashtag which enables people to follow what is being said and join. Twitter chats have been utilised as a public engagement on tool on topics such as...

New Hampshire Public Conversations on School Redesign and Student-centered Learning

Definition The Pittsfield School District discovered they needed to re-vamp their school systems. With a grant from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation they started research into how they could transform their schools. The main focus was designing a community conversation to help uncover the underlying issues and develop possible solutions...